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Physical activity at primary schools

PPA Sports Provision

There has been a wealth of research in recent times surrounding the growing problem of inactivity in young people and children. Currently, in the UK, only half of seven-year-olds are meeting physical activity guidelines. They are sedentary for six hours or more each day and this poses a problem for the long-term health and well-being of our children. 

Physical Activity Guidelines

It is also well-documented that inactivity can lead to problems at school. Behaviour issues, poor concentration levels and low attendance due to sickness can be linked partly to low levels of physical activity. Ensuring children get the correct levels and intensity of physical activity can offer wider benefits beyond the playground and the classroom.

The Benefits of PA in Schools

At Sporting Chance, we deliver bespoke programmes that are specifically designed to meet the needs of each and every school we work with. We spend time in your school and with your PE coordinator to examine what requirements the school may have for curriculum-based lessons (PPA cover), staff training and development (CPD), child mentoring, and extra-curricular clubs. We are here to assist in getting the best value for money in spending your Sport Premium funding.

Improving Child Health and Well-being

It is widely considered that a lack of physical activity in primary-aged school children is creating long-term issues for our children’s future health and well-being. Inactivity may also lead to problems at school. Behaviour issues, poor concentration levels and low attendance due to sickness can be linked partly to low levels of physical activity. 

If you want to improve the quality of your PE delivery and increase physical activity levels in your school, then look no further. Sporting Chance is creative in the way we design each programme to complement your PE Action Plan and the specific needs of your school. We assist in enabling school staff to have the time and confidence to play an integral role in boosting activity levels and child engagement within school sport.

Training and Development for School

‘Train Me’ Flexible Physical Activity Training

Sporting Chance can offer physical activity/education training for teachers, teaching assistants, and lunch break supervisors. We can help provide teaching staff with the skills and confidence to improve their planning, teaching, and assessment of their own PE lessons or simply offer ideas on how to take their PE lessons to the next level. 

We also offer tailored packages to help you embed the Sporting Chance PE curriculum into your PE action plan. These training sessions can be delivered as part of the school day e.g. lunchtimes, or as part of a staff meeting or INSET day. If this is something that your school could benefit from, then please get in touch.

Helping Lunch Break Supervisors and Support Staff

Children in the UK spend an average of 25% of their school day on the playground. Many lunchtime supervisors feel ill-equipped to provide suitable lunchtime activities that could be helping to deal with challenging behaviours.

We can offer a solution that would provide these staff members with the skills and confidence to lead engaging activities. This will help to build rapport between the staff and children, and lead to an improved lunchtime experience for both pupils and the staff.

Teachers and Teaching Assistants

At Sporting Chance, we can offer a variety of solutions to support your teaching staff in the delivery of physical activity/education, all of which can be tailored to suit your school’s individual needs. If you want to improve the quality of your school’s PE lessons and invest your Primary PE and School Sport Premium in a cost effective and sustainable manner, then there are a number of options available.

Delivering consistency and operating in a professional manner is paramount to the strength of our working relationships with schools. Prior to the commencement of any contract, our staff will ask to visit the school in order to spend some time familiarising themselves with the surroundings, the school’s behaviour policy, and to meet the teachers. Developing strong working relationships is the foundation of our business, and we believe this helps us in delivering a comprehensive yet bespoke service to your school.

School Sports Clubs

Our extra-curricular programme offers your school an opportunity to create a year-round sporting calendar that motivates and inspires your pupils to take part in a variety of sports and activities. Schools can help improve the health and well-being of their pupils, along with improving pupil’s competitive abilities. We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to be engaged in physical activity at school, that’s why we offer a range of solutions to keep your pupils fit and healthy even outside of PE lessons. Our highly trained staff engage your children in sports and physical activities during lunchtimes, before and after school, encouraging your pupils to be active, stay fit and have fun.

Lunchtime Provision

We currently run a vast range of extra-curricular activities around the school day; mainstream sports such as football, cricket, netball, and tag rugby as well as activities such as volleyball, table tennis, badminton, and lacrosse. Installing a wealth of extra-curricular clubs in your school at lunchtimes creates the added benefit of reducing behaviour issues during both curricular and extra-curricular time, leading to increased learning potential. It's an excellent way of reinforcing your school values, encouraging inter and intra-school competition and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle amongst your school family

School Sports Days

Activity-Packed, Stress-Free Sports Days

School sports days can be the highlight of the academic calendar but are also a logistical conundrum with so many people to please and health and safety guidelines to follow. At Sporting Chance, we have the energy, the passion and the experience to arrange and deliver a memorable sports day for your school, pupils, and parents.

Most schools who opt for a sports day package with us are keen to relieve the stress of event planning, health and safety concerns, and the pressure of creating an enjoyable environment. We understand how time-consuming organising your school sports day can be. If you would like an activity-packed, stress-free day then allow us to plan and deliver an all-inclusive, fully timetabled, tailored package. We can offer different levels of service depending on your requirements, you’ll find our sports day packages excellent value for money as well.

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