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'Sporty Me'

EYFS Statutory Framework

Sporting Chance utilises the EYFS statutory framework along with our own expertise and knowledge of working with pre-school age children. We have developed the ‘Sporty Me’ programme to work alongside nurseries and pre-schools, offering structured play sessions to support physical and social development. 

It is widely considered that being active from young age is vital to a childs’ development, both socially and physically. The ‘Sporty Me’ programme can help to avoid sedentary behaviours by engaging children in stimulating activities that range from light to energetic. These activities directly contribute towards each childs’ 180 active minutes - aimed at improving cardiovascular health and building strength in their bones, whilst increasing their chances of being a healthy weight.  

Sporting Chance have adopted a series of fun 'sporty characters' to help engage our youngest particpants for short bouts of physical activity that clearly link to the three prime areas of the framework; 

  • communication and language 
  • physical development
  • personal, social, and emotional development

'Physical activity is vital in children’s all-round development, enabling them to pursue happy, healthy and active lives' (EYFS Statutory Framework 2020)

We draw on our vast experience of working with children of all ages to offer a variety of opportunities to our youngest learners. The activities and games we use will not only link directly to the prime areas but to other specific areas too. Chidlren will regularly be given the opportunity to enhance their strength, coordination, balance, and spatial awareness through structured play. As the programme advances we introduce specific skills such as bouncing a ball, catching different objects, and foot dribbling allowing children a chance to express themselves through a variety of story based games and physical activity journeys. The children benefit by repeatedly practicing these skills, and improve both their, gross and fine motor skils in the process. 

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Led by our 'Sporty Me' Leaders

The sessions will be led by one of our ‘Sporty Me’ leaders, whose focus is always centred around enhancing communication and team work  as an integral part of the session. The children are carefully introduced to a range of activities and story themed games that are designed to feed their imagination and creativity, along with developing their fundamental motor skills such as hand-eye coordination.

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