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Virtual PE & Family Bootcamps

Welcome to the Sporting Chance Virtual PE home learning and Family Bootcamp page! Here you'll find access to all of our video lessons and workouts over the coming weeks. Stay ACTIVE, Stay HEALTHY, Stay SAFE! We hope you enjoy the sessions!

Week 1

Family Bootcamp Session 1 - session led by Adam Dyer - 20 mins of high intensity fun with the team! 

Family Bootcamp Session 2 - session led by Adm Dyer - 30 mins stretch and strength workout with Mr Jones showing adaptable levels 

Week 2

Early Years and  Key Stage 1 lesson - Mr Davies introduces one of our newest recruits at Sporting Chance - 'Fast Freddie'!!!

Key Stage 2 lesson - Mr Jones demonstrates a series of catching challenges and a game to get the heart rate racing!

Family Bootcamp Session 3 - session led by Adam Dyer - starting off with some yoga and then a mix of high intensity exercises and challnges!

Family Bootcamp Session 4 - session led by Adam Dyer - join us for a range of body weight exercies with a variety of levels. 

Week 3

Early Years and  Key Stage 1 lesson - Join 'Handy Harry' for a throwing for accuracy session, Harry must help mum do the shopping and pack the bags!

Key Stage 2 lesson - We visit the great outdoors with Mr 'Bear Grylls' Jones as he campaigns to save the hedgehogs! Lets get creative and work to build your own hedgehog hut.

Family Bootcamp Session 5 - session led by Adam Dyer - Lets get physical with our first dose of physcial activity for week 3. 

Family Bootcamp Session 6 - session led by Adam Dyer - Fun, fun, fun! We work hard each session to improve our strength, stamina, and flexibility. 

Week 4

Early Years and  Key Stage 1 lesson - This week we meet Balancing Bella. Bella teaches us about our core gymnastics shapes on a visit to the jungle to rescue Tarzan and Jane! 

Key Stage 2 lesson - Mr Jones is back in the warm this week wokring on his jumping skills - he teaches us a range of jumps, and finishes with a reactive jumping game! 

Family Bootcamp Session 7 - session led by Adam Dyer - we are 'head over heels with happiness' today! Tigers, gorillas, and bicycles!

Family Bootcamp Session 8 - session led by Adam Dyer - today we work the core - tummy muscles at the ready! 

Week 5

Early Years and  Key Stage 1 lesson - Skilful Sally takes the stage this week with a football session on dribbling and keeping close control. Join Sally for a range of adaptable games that can be practiced with minimal space and equipment.

Key Stage 2 lesson - Mr Jones and his accomplice take us through an obstacle course desinged to get you moving in a vaiety of ways. This weeks' actvie takeaway invovles you making your own obstacle course! 

Family Bootcamp Session 9 - session led by Adam Dyer - Sport specific this, boxing, and running! Joined by gorillas and kangaroos! 

Family Bootcamp Session 10 - session led by Adam Dyer - more sport on offer..! Rowing, surfing, and more boxing, accompanied by bears and ducks! 

Week 6

Early Years and  Key Stage 1 lesson - Fast Freddie is back with a magical adventure to rescue the gold from Grumpy Grizzly's cave! We play musical statues, and balance our way across the swamp, the forgotten bridge, and into the darkness of the cave itself.

Key Stage 2 lesson - Footballs at the ready! Mr Jones teaches us about dribbling and ball control. Practice a variety of skills with minimal equipment indoors or out! 

Yoga lesson 1 - A daily boost for your well-being. Find a sense of stillness, maintainyour yogic breathing and postures, and learn about "Vrukhasana' (tree pose).

Family Bootcamp Session 11 - session led by Adam Dyer - TBW! Total body session to work your arms, legs, and tummy...and some extra cardio in there too! 

Family Bootcamp Session 12 - session led by Adam Dyer - Another TBW today withe bears and ducks for good measure! Lets get physcial folks and enjoy another FBC with the boys! 

Half Term 

Family Bootcamp Session 13 - session led by Adam Dyer - half term is here but we are still working! FBC continues this week - Today we work with more ducks, bears, and of course some good old plank!

Family Bootcamp Session 14 - session led by Adam Dyer - second session of half term sees a short a circuit followed by a CORE challnege! 

Week 7

Early Years and  Key Stage 1 lesson - Handy Harry returns with a day put at the beach, we practice bouncing our beachball, we go rockpooling, and a finish with a game of volleyball!

Key Stage 2 lesson - Mr Jones teaches us about a range of disciplines in this weeks' Mini Olympcis session. Practcie and improve your scores in...Standing long jump, shuttles runs, target throw, and long distance running.

Yoga lesson KS1 - Mr Jones takes us on a trip to the woods! We meet various animals along the way. We focus on our stillness / steadiness (Stiram), being happy (Sukham) and our posture (Asanam). Join us for more fun filled KS1 yoga every week. 

Yoga lesson KS2 - This weeks' KS2 session comes from Mr Gill. We focus on 'Sukham' and making ourselves feel happy and joyful with a little help from Millie the dog! 

Family Bootcamp Session 15 - session led by Adam Dyer - Back to school..! We kick things off with an EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) session - x8 reps of hard graft! 

Family Bootcamp Session 16 - session led by Adam Dyer - Our second session of the week is a 'leg burn'! Squats, squats, and more squats followed by some bears and bicycles! 

Week 8

Early Years and  Key Stage 1 lesson - Balancing Bella is back this week with another session of gymnastics! Today we recap our core shapes and explore the shapes through rolling and turning. Join Balancing Bella on this epic adventure around the race track!

Key Stage 2 lesson - Mr Jones sand Mr Davies take us through an overarm bowling session to demonstrate technique and wokr on ways to improve your accuracy.

Yoga lesson KS1 - Mr Jones takes us on a walk in the countryside. Explore a rang e of postures and poses along our journey today. Take time to reflect along your journey and the feelings associated with being in the 'great outdoors'. 

Yoga lesson KS2 - Mr Gill thinks its that hot he takes the yoga outdoors and of course Millie comes too! Todays session focuses on both stiram and sukham with a flow through a variety of postures. The difficulty level goes up a notch too!

Family Bootcamp Session 17 - session led by Adam Dyer - Todays FBC focuses on a lot of body prep and mobility prior to the circuit - lets get hopping with the kangaroos, walking wiht the gorillas, and finish on those lovely bicycles! 

Family Bootcamp Session 18 - session led by Adam Dyer - A cardio twist to this one! Work for 30 / Run for 20, continuous exercise with the team!!! 

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