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Summer HAF Camp 2024

Join Sporting Chance for our Summer Holiday HAF Camp at Kings Forest Primary School (BS15 4PQ). We are open each day (930am - 330pm) for children aged 5-11 years (Year 1 to Year 6) from 29th July - 22nd August. We are offering holiday activities and food clubs in the school Summer holidays for children who live in South Gloucestershire. South Gloucestershire Council has commissioned us to provide free places for children who get benefits-related free school meals (not universal infant free school meals) through Department for Education (DfE) funding. Children attending who get benefits-related free school meals will be entitled to a free lunch. 

We will be offering the following sporty activity days this Easter:

Survival Skills - The ever-popular survival days are jam packed full of exciting activities. The key skills include Den Building, Orienteering, Trust Games, Team Building Exercises, Jungle Gym, Scavenger Hunts, and Emergency First Aid.

Minority Sports Madness: This theme includes sports that aren't heavily participated around the world. Activities include Curling, Boccia, Ultimate Frisbee, Lacrosse, Archery, Kabbadi and many more.

Multisports Mayhem – A wide variety of different sports / activities throughout the day. The sports will be listed for each Multisport day. Key skills; teambuilding, leadership, problem solving, strategy, and a range of physical skills dependent upon the activities taking place.

Dodgeball & Invasion Games - Our Dodgeball day is now combined with Invasion Games. An invasion game is used to describe any game where the objective is to attack the opposition's territory and score a goal or point. This includes sports such as Basketball, Netball, Tag Rugby, Handball, Capture the Flag and Tagging games.

Football Fantasticos - Our football themed days offer players the chance to work on key skills such as passing, dribbling, shooting. We play lots of small-sided games, including 5-a-side and Futsal, to promote teamwork, and ensure everyone has fun!

Mini Olympics – The Mini Olympics is an athletics-based day with competitions and challenges. It features a range of jumping, running, and throwing events to improve fitness and motivates children to achieve their Personal Bests!

Cricket & Rounders – HOWZAT! You want to try scoring runs or rounders? Formerly our Cricket World Cup days has combined rounders and become Cricket and Rounders day! We also play different variations of both sports including T-Ball, Kwik Cricket, and Danish Long Ball.

Stick & Racket Sports – Game, set, and match! Stick & Racket sports include any sport where you use rackets or sticks to hit or control a ball (or shuttlecock) to play, some of this is outdoors and some indoors - weather dependent. Sports include tennis,  ping pong, hockey, tri-golf and many more!

As part of the programme we will be running daily health and nutrition workshops including activities such as; smoothie making, food prep activities, taste trials, and guess the fruit and veg!

Sporting Chance employ enhanced DBS checked, qualified, and experienced staff to run all of our programmes



Please see Menu below

Day Snack Vegetarian Option Meat Option Drink
Mondays Fresh fruit and veg - range of satsumas, bananas, apples, pears, carrots Sourdough sandwiches - grated cheese / low fat crisps / fresh fruit Sourdough sandwiches - chicken / low fat crisps / fresh fruit Water always available. 
Tuesdays Fresh fruit and veg - range of satsumas, bananas, apples, pears, carrots Wholegrain wraps - falafel, red pepper, and humous / natural yoghurt / fresh fruit  Wholegrain wraps - turkey and cranberry / natural yoghurt / fresh fruit Water always available. 
Wednesdays Fresh fruit and veg - range of satsumas, bananas, apples, pears, carrots Potato salad - leaves, tuna, cherry toms, cucumber sticks / natural yoghurt / fresh fruit Tuna salad - leaves, tuna, cherry toms, cucumber sticks / natural yoghurt / fresh fruit Water always available. 
Thursdays Fresh fruit and veg - range of satsumas, bananas, apples, pears, carrots Wholegrains Wraps - grated cheese, red pepper, & hummus Wholegrain Wraps - BBQ chicken & grated cheese Water always available. 

Keeping your children safe and well cared for...

It is of paramount importance that your children feel safe and welcome at Holiday Camps. We aim to provide an exciting schedule of events, together with a friendly and approachable team to ensure you and your children always feel well cared for each time you attend Holdiay Camps. All of our staff have undergone training in safegaurding children, emergency first aid / paediatric first aid, and are enhanced DBS checked. Our onsite camp leader is also the designated safegaurding lead and main first aider. 

Please be reminded of our policies regarding behaviour, late collection (and fees), and cancelling your booking with us.

Behaviour Policy

Late Collection Policy 

Cancellation Policy 

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