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Mangotsfield Primary Playrangers Club (MOD families)

Playrangers club prior to Covid was a club designed to help integrate new MOD families into the school / local community through structured play. The children partake in outdoor and adventurous activities such as: team-building games, orienteering, survival skills, den-building, and other problem solving tasks.

Once you have booked this club you do not need to book termly...your place will be secure for subsequent terms unless you decide to withdraw. The club will be limited to 16 children so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Drop-off - children should attend school on the day of the club 'club ready' and will meet at the studio straight from class at 330pm afor registration. All children should be 'club ready', and also have a waterproof coat, water bottle, outdoor shoes, and any medication they require during outdoor activities.

Pick-up - children will be picked ups by their named adult from the front of the school building at 445pm after each session.

Mangotsfield Primary Playrangers Club (MOD families) (07/01/2022)

Mangotsfield Primary Playrangers Club (MOD families) (07/01/2022)

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