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Lyde Green Primary Clubs Terms 1 & 2**

Sporting Chance provide a range of extra-curricular clubs for children in with KS1 and KS2. Our excellent team of coaches aim to inspire, develop, and engage your children in additional sporting opportunities beyond the school day.

From Monday 13th September we will be providing After School Clubs (KS1 3-415pm and 315-430pm). SIGN UP to give your child a 'Sporting Chance..!'

Full details for your club booking will be emailed prior to the event start date. Please note: Clubs run for 13 weeks with the excelption of Fridays (11 weeks - no clubs on 22/10 and 17/12)

Supertars is a multi-sports style club wiht a varierty of activiites throughout the term; team building and leadership games, mini-tennis, kwik cricket, rounders, mini-olympics, football, tag rugby, survival skills, dance, jungle gym, and dodgeball.

Football is a range of skills based sessions including some matchplay. We focus on a different skill each week leading into a game. 

Multi-sports is a host of different sports througout the term; tennis, cricket, rounders, athletics, football, tag rugby, basketball, pop-lacrosse, survival skill, gymnastics, and dodgeball.

Mini Olympics is athletics based (track and field events), activities range from; long jump, triple jump, vertical jump, sprinting, relays, javelin, discus, target throw, obstacle courses, nerf throw, long distance running.

Lyde Green Primary Clubs Terms 1 & 2** (13/09/2021)

Lyde Green Primary Clubs Terms 1 & 2** (13/09/2021)

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