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Kings Oak Acorn: After School Clubs

What you need to know...

Sporting Chance provide a range of extra-curricular clubs for children in KS1 and KS2. Our excellent team of coaches aim to inspire, develop, and engage your children in additional sporting opportunities beyond the school day. All clubs start week commencing 21st September and finish week commencing 19th October (5 weeks). Once you have signed up and paid you are guaranteed a space. You do not have to wait to be told your child has a place, the online system automatically manages the volume of spaces available for each club.

Yr 5 Football 5 weeks £22.50

Yr 4 Athletics 5 weeks £22.50

Yr 1 Superstars 5 weeks £22.50

Yr 3 Multisports 4 weeks £18.00

Yr 2 Football 4 weeks £14.00

If you book multiple clubs for one child or a club each for two children or more (siblings) then we offer a £5.00 discount per additional club you book. 

Note: We are only running clubs for single year groups (bubbles) inline with government guidance. We will return to running clubs across year groups as soon as we are advised it is safe to do so.

INSET Days: Thursday 22/10 and Friday 23/10 no clubs running on these days. 

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